Recently we celebrated Occupational Therapy Week 2020. The highlight of my week was when I received the wonderful news that my client’s wheelchair was finally approved by NDIS, after a huge amount of work and perseverance.

It had been a long process of trialling to find the right wheelchair. With the help of a wonderful equipment company, we finally found the right wheelchair. I was astounded at how expensive these types of assistive technologies could be. I had spent many, many hours making my application extremely detailed just to justify why it was crucial for my client to have this assistive technology solution, and after all the hard work it was finally approved! Now my client will be able to get out of the house and into the community engaging in a wide range of meaningful activities.

For so many people these types of outcomes just wouldn’t be possible without the funding available to us from the NDIS! It makes what we do, so very rewarding. Contact us for more information.