NDIS-Approved Housing Supports

At Connect2Care, we understand the importance of NDIS-Approved housing support. We understand that housing and living arrangements can significantly influence the quality of life of people with a disability. We believe a well-designed house can help improve a person’s independence and increase their mobility around the home.

Our team of professionals can support participants of the NDIS by exploring home and living options that align with their goals and aspirations. The support can extend from identifying a need for a change in housing status to supporting the application process.

We believe that engaging allied health is integral to getting you into the right home for your needs and preferences.

How Connect2Care Can Help Provide NDIS-Approved Housing Support

Connect2Care provides NDIS housing support by working closely with participants of the NDIS to understand their specific needs and goals. This can include identifying a need for a change in housing status and supporting the application process. The team of professionals at Connect2Care can work with allied health professionals to ensure that the housing options align with the participant’s needs and preferences.

Once a suitable housing option is identified, Connect2Care can provide assistance with the process of securing the housing and adapting it to meet the participant’s needs. This can include modifications to make the home more accessible and help the participant to manage their support needs.

Connect2Care also provides ongoing support to ensure the participant is satisfied with their housing and that any issues or concerns are addressed. By providing a wide range of services, Connect2Care aims to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible and find a home that meets their specific needs and goals.

Connect with us to learn more about NDIS-approved housing support and how we can help.

Applications we can support

SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)

Commonly known as SDA, Specialist Disability Accommodation is housing designed for people with very high support needs or an extreme functional impairment. SDA houses are designed to include accessible features to help people live more independently and allow other supports to be delivered better or more safely.

NDIS requires people to meet the following criteria for SDA:

  • Very high support needs or an extreme functional impairment.
  • Meet the requirements of Specialist Disability Accommodation needs within the NDIS funding criteria.

As registered NDIS SDA Assessors, our mobile Therapists can come to you to undertake an assessment to determine if you meet the criteria for SDA funding.

Visit the NDIS website for more information on SDA and eligibility.

SIL (Supported Independent Living)

SIL is a type of support that helps people with disability live in their home or a shared home with others. It involves assistance or supervision with personal care or preparing meals. SIL aims to help people build their skills so they can become as independent as possible through regular, consistent and frequent assistance from a support person. This may be a shared support with other residents, or may be 1:1 support depending on your circumstances.

As registered NDIS SIL assessors, our mobile therapists can come to you to undertake an assessment to determine if you meet the criteria for SIL funding.

ILO (Individual Living Options)

ILO are alternative ways of supporting and funding living arrangements for NDIS participants’ people with ILO funding are able to live in share house arrangements, live with a friend, or a host environment.

Connect2Care can assist with offering ILO support through the housing design and other support that will help clients live more independently, looking at their living preferences, strengths, challenges and support networks.

The NDIS provides ILO funding in two stages:

  • Exploration and design: looking at our client’s home and living arrangements and determining their preferences and needs.
  • Supports: implementing the supports our clients need to live the way they want and achieve their goals.

As registered NDIS ILO Assessors, our mobile Therapists can come to you to undertake an assessment to determine if you meet the criteria for ILO funding.

STA / MTA (Short-Term or Medium-Term Accommodation)

Short-term and medium-term accommodation supports people with extreme functional impairment or very high needs and can include SDA or those awaiting SDA or more permanent accommodation.

We understand that the volume of Housing Supports information provided by the NDIA is complex and can be overwhelming for our clients. Our Therapists have a deep understanding of NDIS Housing Support requirements and will interpret and clarify this information to help their clients better understand the nature of the NDIS assessment process.

If you require housing support for SDA, SIL, ILO or STA/MTA accommodation, contact our team to arrange an assessment.

Home Modification

Connect2Care can also assist with home modifications, which are changes to the structure, layout, or fittings of a person’s home so they can safely access it and move around comfortably in areas they frequently use.

Our NDIS approved Therapists are skilled in assisting clients with their assistive technology and home modification needs. We work with our clients to ensure their home modifications meet their needs and goals to help them with mobility and independence in their homes.

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