NDIS Occupational Therapy

Our NDIS occupational therapy workers help to facilitate independence in all areas of one’s life.

At Connect2Care, our NDIS-approved Occupational Therapists work alongside both clients and their referrers to provide excellent and innovative occupational therapy services, to help with everyday activities that people do as individuals, in families and within their communities.

How our NDIS occupational therapists can help

We cater to a wide range of physical and psychosocial needs across the lifespan. Our therapists consider a person’s strengths and aspirations to create meaningful and relevant goals. They provide assessments and recommendations to optimise a person’s daily independent living skills.

This can include support with self-care, looking after the place where you live, home modifications, getting out and about, finding or staying in work or education, or participating in social and leisure activities.

Our occupational therapists can identify what supports, or hinders, you and help with solutions to enable you to participate in everyday life. Please read on to learn more about our NDIS occupational therapy services, or connect with our friendly, welcoming team to learn more.

More about our NDIS Occupational Therapy Services

Connect2Care is an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registered provider of occupational therapy services. Our team of NDIS-approved occupational therapists is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities achieve maximum independence in their daily lives. 

We understand that achieving independence in all areas of one’s life is essential for overall well-being and happiness, and our NDIS occupational therapy services are designed to help achieve this.

Our NDIS occupational therapy services include:

  • Assessments to identify areas of difficulty and determine the client’s goals and needs
  • Development of personalised treatment plans that address the client’s specific needs and goals
  • Assistance with self-care activities such as dressing, grooming, and bathing
  • Home assessments and modifications to improve accessibility and safety
  • Support with community access and participation in leisure and social activities
  • Assistance with finding or keeping a job or going to school
  • Training in the use of assistive technology and equipment

Meet the Connect2Care team

Our team of occupational therapists works closely with clients and their referrers to understand their strengths and aspirations and create meaningful and relevant goals. We provide assessments and recommendations to optimise a person’s daily independent living skills. Our services cater to a wide range of physical and psychosocial needs across the lifespan, and we can help with support for self-care, looking after the place where you live, home modifications, getting out and about, finding or staying in work or education, or participating in social and leisure activities.

At Connect2Care, we are committed to providing personalised, evidence-based services to help our clients achieve their goals. We work closely with NDIS participants, using the latest research and technologies in our field to assess and design rehabilitation programs that are efficient and effective. We offer both home visits and clinic-based support, and our therapists use the latest research and technologies to create evidence-based, efficient and effective rehabilitation programs. 

With Connect2Care, you can trust that you or your loved one is receiving the highest quality of care. 

Connect with our friendly team to learn more.

Occupational Therapy Helping Children

At Connect2Care, our mission is to help children with disabilities live as independently and capably as possible in society. We do this through our NDIS approved occupational therapy services. Our Occupational Therapists are experienced in helping children, from infants to adolescents, and will address the individual needs of their client.

We support children with a wide range of conditions, in areas of fine and gross motor development, social participation, school readiness, and daily living skills, including dressing and feeding. We also provide support with behaviour management.

Our Occupational Therapists work closely with children, their parents, and caregivers, both at home and in the school environment, to help children achieve both their developmental, social and learning goals.

Supporting Independent Living Through a Range of Occupational Therapy Services

Connect2Care Occupational Therapists can provide support and advice around the need for:

  • Assistive technology
  • Assessment types such as; Supported Independent Living Assessment (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Assessments
  • Functional Assessments
  • Formal assessments including Sensory Profile Adult and Paediatric, BOT-2, Vineland-3, M-FUN, The Lawton Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (IADL), Barthel Index, Care and Needs Scale (CANS), Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3)
  • Social Skills
  • Employment and Workplace Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Minor Vehicle and Home Modifications
  • Increased Functional Capacity
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills
  • Daily Living Skills

Our Mobile Occupational Therapy Services

Our team of Occupational Therapists can support people in their personal environments to help build skills in the settings they most need. Our team can provide mobile occupational therapy services to schools, childcare centres, homes and workplaces.

Centre-Based Occupational Therapy Services

In addition to our mobile support, we also welcome clients to come into our Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney centres for appointments. Our open and bright clinical spaces provide a safe and meaningful session with our Occupational Therapists.

At our centres, we can use various pieces of equipment to help our clients reach their potential. This could include sensory equipment, kitchenettes with alternate forms of cutlery and crockery, or even different forms of technology. For our paediatric clients, we could engage with a variety of toys or games to ensure that therapy is not only beneficial but also interactive and fun.

Why Choose Our NDIS Approved Occupational Therapists

At Connect2Care, our Occupational Therapists set meaningful and client-centred goals that aim to ensure people can actively partake in the life they want.

Our Therapists look at what limits their clients from being able to achieve their everyday goals and break down the process to build their skills and facilitate the steps required to achieve those goals and help them make positive changes in their lives.

We embrace a holistic approach to allied health support. Our Occupational Therapists also work alongside our Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Allied Health Assistants, Social Workers, Dieticians, and Psychologists as required, to help our clients achieve their goals.

Connect2Care is proud to enable our clients to achieve their independence across many areas, some of which include financial management, meal preparation, shopping, community access and mobility, health maintenance, and care for others.

We value one’s right to choice and control. Our team will work with clients and their loved ones to find the right Occupational Therapist for their individual needs. We value quality services and open, transparent communication and will strive to support our clients through the therapeutic journey, navigating the NDIS and advocating for them.

Our NDIS-approved occupational therapy services are meaningful to ensure individuals can lead a fulfilling life.

All Connect2Care locations offer occupational therapy services and our mobile staff are happy to travel to registered participants. 

To learn more about Connect2Care’s locations please visit the links below:

We offer occupational therapy in many of our locations, such as occupational therapy in Perth.

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