NDIS Approved Speech Pathology & Speech Therapy

NDIS speech pathology specialists assess, diagnose, and treat speech, listening and communication concerns, as well as provide assistance with mealtime difficulties that can include eating, drinking and swallowing. Speech Pathologists also specialise in the assessment and prescription of augmentative and alternative communication systems.

At Connect2Care, we provide NDIS approved speech pathology and speech therapy to homes, schools, childcare centres, workplaces, and more. NDIS registered Speech Pathologists work with children and adults in order to help them understand and use language effectively, communicate and regulate their feelings, and reduce difficult behaviours that may have to do with communication barriers. They can assist their clients with many forms of speech therapy to speak clearly enough to be understood by others, enunciate sounds clearly, and pronounce words correctly so others can understand them.

How a speech pathologist can help you or your family member

NDIS approved Speech Pathologists can assess and provide intervention in the following areas:

  • Expressive and receptive language skills using informal measures as well as standardised communication assessments including CELF-5, CELFP-2, PLS-5, WAB, and Mt Wilga.
  • Literacy skills.
  • Motor speech, articulation, and speech sound disorders.
  • Voice.
  • Stuttering.
  • Swallowing assessments and mealtime management.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Technology (AAC).
  • Pragmatic and social skills.

NDIS speech pathology providers take a comprehensive approach when treating children and adults who have a communication disability. They look at the overall picture of a person’s ability to communicate and then recommend a therapy plan that will help their client make the most progress.

To learn more about our speech pathology services, please read on or contact us online to talk to a friendly member of our team.c

Speech Pathology Intervention for Children

Speech Pathologists can assist many children with speech or language delays using a variety of different tools and techniques. The approach taken will vary depending on the presentation of the child as well as the individualised goals of the child and their family.

We can support children with both defined diagnoses, as well as those that do not yet have a diagnosis. Examples of the following can include:

  • Developing communication skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Speech sound disorders.
  • Difficulty articulating certain sounds.
  • Those that have limited verbal communication.
  • Providing parent training and education around supports and recommendations.
  • Providing an alternative or assistive communication (AAC).

When engaging with our speech therapy services, our NDIS approved speech pathologist will conduct a thorough assessment to gain a clear understanding of the difficulties that your child is having with their speech or communication skills.

They will then create a treatment plan that includes short- and long-term goals to help your child progress. The strategies they may use will be vast and varied as we approach each client individually, ensuring a targeted approach to care. We work closely together with parents, caregivers and, where appropriate, schools or childcare settings to ensure everyone works together to help the child succeed.

Our Range of Speech Pathology Services

At Connect2Care, our NDIS-approved Speech Pathologists use evidence-based practice and assistive technology, where appropriate, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Assistive technology includes a large array of technology that can support someone to do a task that they otherwise might not be able to do or find difficult. Technology can assist in promoting independence, making the impossible possible. The technology available to support communication continues to expand and our team of Therapists keep up to date with the newest tools to support their clients in the best way possible.

We utilise a range of Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC) including Proloquo2go and LAMP which can support clients with communication impairments. There are also low-tech options including PECS and PODD books which can again support children and adults who may not be able to communicate effectively with verbal communication.

In addition, our Speech Pathologists also use an assortment of strategies to help clients learn how to express themselves effectively, as well as understand the communication of others. Some of these strategies include things like body language cues, gestures, facial expressions, or sign language/Key Word Sign.

Our Mobile Speech Pathology Services

Our team of mobile NDIS approved Speech Pathologists can support people in all environments to help build skills in the settings they most need such as schools, childcare centres, homes or workplaces.

Our Connect2Care mobile Speech Pathologists are armed with low and high-tech tools to support their clients with their communication needs. They adopt a wide array of tools, strategies, and methods to get the best outcome for their clients within their own unique and personal environments.

In addition to our mobile support, Connect2Care welcomes clients to come into our Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney centres for appointments.

Why a Choose a Connect2Care Speech Pathologist

At Connect2Care, we understand how difficult it can be for our clients and their family members facing speech or communication challenges.

Our team of professionals undergo an extensive induction with regular ongoing professional development opportunities, learning from leaders in their field. This enables our Speech Pathologists to keep up to date with the latest tools, techniques, and equipment, ensuring they are practising evidence-based therapy.

We value one’s right to choice and control. Our team will work with clients and their loved ones to find the right Speech Pathologists for their individual needs.

Connect2Care’s NDIS approved Speech Pathologists work alongside our Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Social Workers, Allied Health Assistants, and Dieticians, providing a united and holistic approach to therapeutic support to help our clients gain independence and improve their lifestyles.

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