What is At-Home Care?

At-home, mobile care is a service where healthcare and support are provided in the comfort of one’s own home. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals managing long-term conditions, disabilities, and mobility issues.

Benefits of At-Home Care

  1. Comfort of Familiar Surroundings: At-home care allows clients to receive professional support in the familiar setting of their own home, offering a sense of security and comfort that is invaluable for wellbeing.
  2. Maintaining Independence: Receiving care in one’s own home enhances personal choice and independence. It also includes the integration of assistive technologies that are tailored to suit the home environment, helping people to maintain a sense of autonomy.
  3. Focused and Individualised Care: Services are designed to focus on specific areas of need and take the environment into consideration, ensuring effective and personalised care.
  4. Personal One-on-One Sessions: At-home care is delivered as one-on-one care, fostering a deeper and more personal relationship between the client and therapist, which is fundamental to effective care.
  5. Supporting Families: At-home care also greatly benefits family members, particularly those who are primary carers. Sharing the caregiving responsibilities offers family members much-needed respite and peace of mind.

Connect2Care’s At-Home and Mobility Services

At Connect2Care, we provide a range of therapeutic supports to people of all ages, including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, and Psychology. Our services are predominately mobile, which means we travel to our clients, providing therapy in their home and community settings. If you’re interested in our at-home care/mobile services, contact us today.