It is Connect2Care’s mission to provide excellent quality services and support to our clients in ways which make them feel empowered and allow them to achieve their goals

Recently, our Physiotherapist Lisa had a breakthrough with a client. The client had previously been hospitalized for 10 months, and during which he saw progress and regression with his ability to stand. 

Once discharged from hospital, the client begun seeing Lisa, and with her help and the assistance of the equipment she was able to get funded for him, he was able to stand up with assistance after a few sessions. After less than 3 months of working with Lisa, the client was able to pull himself up to standing, utilizing the equipment that Lisa had worked to fund for him.

This is a powerful example of how the Connect2Care staff work to empower their clients and help them to achieve their goals.

At Connect2Care, it is our passion to ensure participants are provided with a network of support which goes above and beyond therapeutic services, we ensure that they are provided with the assistance they need to live a complete life.

Our clinicians work hard to provide a service which is in line with the goals and priorities of their clients.