Here at Connect2Care, we are made up of a strong unit of allied health professionals. We currently offer five disciplines – Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology, Physiotherapy and Dietetics, & the benefit this brings to our clients & their support networks is invaluable. The five disciplines allow for complementary skill sets, experience, and knowledge. There is also a consistent approach to therapy & flexibility within the company to review therapies required, & more specifically client’s needs, as this may change or develop over time.

With consent, our therapists work together on shared outcomes. Goals are considered as a complete & comprehensive service ultimately providing therapy that addresses all aspects of one’s life. Our multidisciplinary approach extends beyond the Conenct2Care walls & our therapists have built strong relationships with support people & external providers to ensure the client’s needs are met from a community & holistic approach. We strongly believe that it is only when all services work together, a client can achieve their full potential.