A University of Technology, Sydney study provided measurable evidence on the effects of indoor plants on occupants’ mood states and feelings of wellbeing. They found plants brought a 37 per cent reduction in tension and anxiety, a 58 per cent reduction in depression and a 44 per cent reduction in anger and hostility. Other studies also suggest that five or more plants in a room leads to people feeling healthier and happier. It is believed that even looking out a window at a green space can have benefits for your mental health. 3 simple ways to make the most of the plants around you:

  1. Mindfully watering, pruning and tending to our plants can be a welcome distraction from the stress and anxiety of work, constant use of technology and general worries. While you’re focused on looking after your plants, you’re in the present moment and giving your mind a well-earned break from overthinking
  2. Watering your plants, dusting off their leaves and shifting them to different locations to catch some sun can help you get a little exercise and movement into your day. Incorporating a few stretches, plant lifts, and even turning on some music as you do it, can turn your plant care session into productive and mood-boosting exercise.
  3. Looking after our plants can provide us with a routine, and provide us with reasons to get up, out and moving as we nurture them. Seeing our plants thriving can also give us a sense of achievement and self-esteem boost. It can also help to connect us with others as we learn more, show off our plants and share ideas (and cuttings!) So don’t feel too guilty when you’re tempted to slide yet another succulent into your basket while shopping for other things 🙂 try some of the tips above!

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