Has Never Been More Important.


    In today’s world, networking and forming strong relationships is becoming a foundation for a lot of people within their professional lives. Peter Tully, Connect2Care’s National Engagement Coordinator explains how import his network is to his ability in achieving his working goals. That every part of the ‘network’ is essential to its overall functionality, and if one part breaks the entire system can fail. 

     Peter believes firstly a network without conflict is paramount and the reason Peter and Connect2Care have such a great synergy is because it complements the rest of his network. He talks about a number of topics within his network and how all supports under the NDIS can work better collectively work together to ultimately achieve the best participants outcomes. To build a better connection and assisting participants to gain access to support therapies to enable them to get better services from their NDIS plan. Assisting them (participants) to live a better quality of life by achieving their goals and dreams.

    If you’d like to connect with Peter and get a better understanding of how he manages his network or his or his partnership with Conect2Care, you can send him an email at:


[email protected]




Peter Tully X Connect2care