At university, Physiotherapy students are taught about the many different areas that you can work in as a Physiotherapist – Musculoskeletal (muscles and bones); Neurological (brain/nervous system), and Cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs); Paediatrics; and Women’s Health, to name a few.

During my ten years working as a Physiotherapist, I have gained experience working in many of these different fields in both the public and the private sectors, each area providing a different set of challenges, growth and reward. It wasn’t until I started working at Connect2Care, specifically with NDIS clients, that I realised that I combine all of the skills that I have learnt in all of the different fields of Physiotherapy almost daily. You don’t necessarily have to have one area of interest or expertise. Every client is unique, and you need to draw on all of the knowledge you have in these different areas to assist them in achieving their goals. 

People often think that Physiotherapists give exercises to help with an injured back or a sore knee, but they can do SO much more! I love the feeling of assisting clients to be able to do what they enjoy; it is the most rewarding “job” I have ever had.