At times in speech pathology we wonder how we could include the many areas of support we provide into a succinct job description or title. Most families and members of the community take Speech Pathology to be development of speech sounds, pronunciation of words or help with lisps, stuttering or the voice. However, a lot of communication is non-verbal (not with our speech). This includes our body language, facial expression, gestures and use of a range of different high and low tech systems (such as picture or iPad systems).

In addition to speech sounds, speech pathologists assist with other areas of communication and swallowing. We work in the four areas of language: reading, writing, understanding language and expressing language. We work with social and emotional communication skills and listening. We can support people of all ages, and all disabilities affecting speech, language, swallowing or our overall ability to communicate in a range of settings. Interested in speech pathology services? Enquire online today to find out more information.