A discussion with the national committee members of the APA disability group, Catherine Kohlenberg, Denise Luscombe, Bas Jansen and state committee members provided five points as to why physiotherapy is important to people with disability.

Five points:  

1. Cerebral palsy-specific early interventions maximise neuroplasticity 

Physiotherapists play a key role in early intervention through utilising motor training-based activities that prompt neuroplasticity. By stimulating neuroplasticity, a physiotherapist works to rehabilitate and improve an individual’s quality of life. At Connect2Care, our physiotherapists work within an interdisciplinary team, providing the best outcomes for individuals.

2. Physiotherapists play a vital role in early childhood intervention 

Our physiotherapists work to ensure the best practices and guidelines for children and families through early childhood intervention. A physiotherapist takes on a “coach role” whilst other therapists form the team around the child. Connect2Care therapists work within the team and the community where family priorities are focused.

 3. Physiotherapists are trained to improve physical fitness

Lowered physical activity has implications for emotional well-being and overall health. Physiotherapists are trained to improve strength-building and motor skills. As Connect2Care works closely with the NDIS, all of our physiotherapists are available for face-to-face and telehealth appointments now!


4. Postural care: prevention is better than cure  

Understanding how to prevent issues with postural care is crucial! Supported lying is an aligning of the body in a non-destructive position in bed. Our physiotherapists can assess and support clients in developing prevention techniques for postural care.

5. To measure is to know 

Standardised assessments are leading to the identification and prevention of functional issues. This outcome-based approach to therapy is in keeping with the national standards set out by the APA and is practised by our physiotherapists. Whilst these tools are important, our therapists are also adaptive to client needs and will identify the appropriate tool on an individual basis.

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