Assistive technology can be highly beneficial for helping to maintain and improve everyday functions. The use of assistive technology can create more independence and increase opportunities to perform tasks and make decisions.

Some examples of the assistive technology provided at Connect2Care include:

  • Communication and information equipment
  • Assistive products for hearing and vision
  • Personal Mobility equipment
  • Assistive products for personal care and safety


Our Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists provide different types of assistive technology to their clients. One specific assistive technology provided by Connect2Care’s speech pathologists is a high-tech device that allows people to communicate when they don’t have the option to communicate verbally.

This device allows people to communicate using their eyesight and slight body movements. Using this device can give people the ability to convey their thoughts and how they feel when they otherwise may not have been able to.

NDIS Assistive Technology | Connect2Care

Assistive technology is an essential means by which individuals with disabilities can perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Some examples include mobility aids, iPads, and physical modifications within the home, such as ramps and grab bars.


NDIS Australia set out guidelines and categorisations for the product risk. They are placed in a high, mid and low category of risk. A powered wheelchair, for example, is placed in the high-risk category as it is recognised as complex assistive technology.


For more information on this classification, visit Assistive technology product risk table | NDIS to evaluate the table found on this webpage.


If individuals fit the plan criteria, assistive technology is worthwhile when putting together an NDIS plan. The NDIS is committed to building a sustainable and empowering approach to assistive technology in the NDIS community.

Our therapists at Connect2Care strive to enrich all participants’ lives and provide the most appropriate assistive technology to improve independence and quality of life.

NDIS Assistive Technology | Connect2Care

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