Dyslexia is a language-based disorder that affects reading. Learning to read is a crucial step in language development; therefore, working on reading strategies and skills is vital.

Speech pathologists are trained to assess overall language skills, including those critical to reading, such as phonological awareness and subsequent targeting intervention to help individuals with dyslexia learn to read.


Phonological awareness is essential for reading, writing, rhyming, and manipulating syllables, such as blending and segmenting. These skills allow us to understand what sounds make up a particular word and manipulate sounds to form words. Programs that target phonological awareness and literacy skills are available, such as ‘The Gillon Phonological Awareness Training Programme.’
At Connect2Care, our Speech Pathologists will work with dyslexic clients, teaching them achievable strategies to support learning and practical skills.


1. The Gillon Phonological Awareness Training Programme booklet: Microsoft Word – programme booklet 2008.doc (canterbury.ac.nz)

2. Reading Rockets | Launching Young Readers  this website provides general information about reading and some research-based reading strategies/intervention; it is also a good source for finding the appropriate books based on age, genre, and reading level.


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