If you have used our services before or spoken with us directly and are aware of our waitlist, pricing, service area and services and you are confident we can accommodate this request please fill in this referral form:

Please click on the following link to submit direct referrals:


Click Here to Complete Your Referral


If you are unsure of our lead times and would like to enquire please click the link below




The referral link includes the below forms in a combined format:

  1. Connect2Care Client Profile – This form allows us to collect a client’s personal information which will be used to ensure safe and effective management of their care.
  2. Connect2Care Safety Screening Tool – This is a standard document that helps us to ensure the safety of our workers.
  3. Connect2Care Information Sharing Consent Form – This form gives us consent and instruction around the organisations and people we can share a client’s personal information with. *Please note you can opt for the client to sign this during their initial appointment*

We also request a copy of the NDIS plan. This will assist in developing a Service Agreement. Once we have developed a proposed Service Agreement, we will send it to the client or their nominated representative to review and sign. If you do not wish to share your NDIS Plan that is perfectly ok, we may require some additional information from you.

Please note we are unable to provide you with an appointment date until we have a signed Service Agreement and completed Face to Face Screening Tool.

Connect2Care also offers Telehealth services which supports clients to receive therapy via video-conferencing technology. This is available for all clients where home visits are not an option or simply if this is a client’s preference. Connect2Care use an application called Zoom to conduct the Telehealth consult and have had incredible responses to therapy provided in this way. It is important to note that Telehealth services do not have any travel fees associated, allowing for more client contact.

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