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Melbourne Physiotherapy Services

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NDIS-Approved Melbourne physiotherapy services

Our Melbourne NDIS-approved physiotherapy services offer personalised programs centred on enhancing strength, posture, fitness, stability, and functional capacity.

Our team collaborates closely with clients, their families, referral sources, and caregivers to provide services addressing mobility concerns. Our primary aim is to enhance daily functioning and the ability to engage in social and sporting activities, while also promoting safety, independence, and improved quality of life.

Our Melbourne physiotherapy services

At Connect2Care, participants gain access to a wide range of opportunities to set and achieve their goals. Through personalised programs, our NDIS physiotherapy services concentrate on enhancing strength, improving posture, fitness, stability, and increasing functional capacity.

Services offered in Melbourne

  • Physiotherapy Assessments including Bot-2, HiMAT
  • Functional Assessments
  • Falls and Risk Assessments
  • Neurological Assessments
  • Posture and Positioning
  • Exercise Prescription/Home Exercise Programs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Technology e.g. Wheelchair, Mobility Aids
  • Mobility and Seating Equipment
  • Strength and Coordination Training Programs
  • Carer Education
  • Pain Management
  • Employment and Workplace Assessments

Mobile physiotherapy services in Melbourne

Our NDIS physiotherapy team in Melbourne comes to you

At Connect2Care, we offer mobile physiotherapy services, allowing our NDIS-approved physiotherapy team to deliver care directly in the comfort of your own home. Operating within our clients’ familiar environments provides distinct advantages in helping individuals achieve their independence-related goals.

Our physiotherapy team works in the homes, workplaces, or local communities of our clients, gaining valuable insights into their daily routines and challenges. This approach establishes a more comfortable and supportive environment, fostering strong connections built on trust and open communication.

Benefits of Choosing Mobile Physiotherapy

Working within our clients’ environments enables us to pinpoint and address specific barriers to independence that might go unnoticed in a clinical setting. This hands-on approach allows us to develop personalised strategies, empowering clients to overcome these obstacles and enhance their independence, leading to increased self-reliance and confidence.

These mobile physiotherapy services provide clients with the opportunity to apply newly acquired techniques and skills immediately within their own surroundings. This practical approach ensures seamless integration of progress into daily life, resulting in lasting improvements in mobility, functionality, and overall well-being.

Why choose Connect2Care for your Melbourne physiotherapy services

Selecting Connect2Care as your NDIS-approved physiotherapy provider in Melbourne guarantees access to comprehensive, personalised, and holistic care designed to meet your specific needs and aspirations. Our team of experts is committed to enhancing your independence, safety, and overall quality of life through individualised support.

How we make a difference

  • Personalised Treatment Plans: Our skilled physiotherapists conduct thorough assessments of each client’s abilities, lifestyle, and objectives, creating individualised treatment plans that are both practical and achievable. We prioritise your preferences and actively involve you in your own care.
  • Emphasis on Safety and Mobility: Our dedicated therapists focus on improving your strength, coordination, balance, and overall mobility. We employ manual therapies as needed and take proactive measures to minimise risks, such as slips, trips, and falls within your home environment.
  • Overcoming Daily Challenges: Our comprehensive approach addresses various aspects of daily life, including efficient movement from point A to B, optimising posture and positioning, and enhancing strength and coordination.
  • Holistic Allied Health Support: Connect2Care physiotherapists seamlessly collaborate with our team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, exercise physiologists, allied health assistants, social workers, and psychologists. This coordinated approach ensures well-rounded allied health support tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quality Services and Transparent Communication: We highly value the trust you place in us and are committed to delivering exceptional services while maintaining open, honest communication. We understand that NDIS participants have choices and control over their goals and support, and we prioritise respecting your preferences throughout your journey with us.

At Connect2Care, our NDIS physiotherapists are dedicated to empowering you to lead a more independent and fulfilling life. When you choose our services, you can have confidence in receiving the personalised, comprehensive, and professional care that you deserve.

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